Exterior aerial view of VHFC.

Locate the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre Seaplane Terminal at the following address:

Unit #1 Burrard Landing, 1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC, V6C 0C3

Below is further information to assist you in easily locating our terminal:

From Jack Poole Plaza

On arrival at Jack Poole Plaza, head across the Plaza towards the water, and you will find an information map in the Northeast corner that has a “Seaplane Terminal” label on the signage (see image).

Image of Jack Poole Plaza seaplane terminal signage.

Follow the signage and head down the stairs towards the water, or to the elevator located near the end of the walkway. 

Image of El

The Seaplane Terminal is located West of the stairs and elevators once you arrive at Level 1. Signage can be found near the stairs/elevators to guide passengers.

Image of seaplane terminal signage.

Please note for Hullo Ferry passengers: There are no Hullo agents nor offices located at the Seaplane Terminal. The Hullo office can be found on the ground level, next to the Subway. Check-in is at Gate Number 1 on Level 1 outside the elevator. Hullo Ferry agents, recognizable by their Hullo uniform, typically arrive around 30 minutes before sailing.

Hullo Ferry Entrance Gate

From Underground Parkade

The nearest underground parkade to the Seaplane Terminal is EasyPark – Lot 54, which can be located at 1095 Waterfront Road.

Parking spot

Once parked, exit the parking lot through the North Entrance towards the water. Take the walkway closest to the water (as indicated by the photo) and head down. The Seaplane Terminal is situated at the end of the walkway on the right-hand side.

For Hullo Ferry passengers, please continue down the walkway by turning right at the end. Then, continue towards the boarding gate that is next to the elevator.

North Entrance Parkade with directional arrow

Another Parkade Option

Another parkade option near the Seaplane Terminal is the Vancouver Convention Centre W - #1940, located at 1055 Canada Pl, with 440 parking spaces. Head to the Jack Poole Plaza and follow the instructions above titled “From Jack Poole Plaza” to locate the Seaplane Terminal. 

Guide Map

VHFC Parking and Drop-Off Map